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How to Promote Your Jewelry Business with Instagram Stories

Learn what this Instagram feature can do for your jewelry brand.

man holding smart phone about to upload on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories enables its users to upload photos and videos to their profiles for 24 hours. For retail or wholesale fashion jewelry businesses, these posts are fun ways to showcase new products or promote the brand. Stories are also effective in encouraging followers to engage with the brand.

In fact, Instagram found that 58% of users have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories, and 50% say they have visited a website to buy a product or service after seeing it in Stories. Amazing, right? These statistics strongly suggest that utilizing Stories is worth the effort.

So how can you prompt your jewelry business with Instagram Stories? Here are four tips that you can try today:

#1 Upload a photo or video of the jewelry pieces in action.

hand of woman wearing old rose sweater and silver rings in all fingers

Instagram Stories allows users to be their authentic, fun selves, and the same applies to a brand. Get someone to wear a piece from your retail or wholesale fashion rings collection, preferably one of your best-sellers, and take photos and videos. This way, you are giving your followers an idea of how the jewelry looks in real life. 

#2 Share behind-the-scenes content.

person holding fashion rings

Since Instagram Stories have a more relaxed and casual feel, they are best used to create genuine relationships with followers. An excellent way to achieve this is to share BTS content -- giving your followers a sneak peek into what goes on in your shop on a typical business day or your daily life as a jewelry business owner. This type of content makes your followers feel like they are indeed part of your jewelry brand. 

#3 Use the Poll and Quiz stickers.

instagram poll sticker

The Poll and Quiz stickers are the best stickers a brand can use to encourage followers to engage with you. With the Poll, you can ask a Yes or No question, while you can provide up to four answers to your question with the Quiz sticker. Not only will you get more engagement, but these stickers will also provide insights into what your audience expects from your brand.

#4 Use the Countdown sticker.

Countdown sticker in Instagram Stories

When it comes to promotions like flash sales, using a Countdown sticker is a great way to arouse anticipation. This sticker can build urgency, making customers watch out for your special discounts and turn browsing users into customers. Building anticipation with a countdown also increases the chances of impulse buying.

The takeaway

person holding smartphone with laptop at the background

If you want to create authentic relationships with your followers, Instagram Stories is the way to go. Not only do you keep them interested in your jewelry products or brand as a whole, but you also increase the chance of them actually purchasing your products.

So yes, Instagram’s Stories feature is worth your time and effort. Make your jewelry brand more approachable and turn followers into loyal customers.