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How to Showcase Your Jewelry Pieces in the Most Attractive and Creative Ways

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  • 2 min read
Is your jewelry display working for you?

Even if you have the most brilliant or stunning wholesale jewelry pieces, they might just go unnoticed if they’re not showcased well. In our previous posts, we’ve shared with you a couple of tips on how to create professional looking wholesale jewelry displays.

Here are 4 essential rules to help you create stunning and eye catching jewelry display:

  • Think portable: moving your goods from one trade show to another need not be a daunting task. Aim to showcase the sass and pizzazz of your wholesale jewelry pieces even if they’re not in your store. Always make sure that you’ll be able to transport and store your goods anytime in style.
  • Rock up the Racks: Revolving earring racks and necklace busts do not only organize your jewelry pieces but these tools also help in showcasing the great qualities of your products. Get comfort and style by utilizing racks and other organizational display devices.  
  • Keep ‘em sparkling: Let your jewelry pieces pop with color and glamour with the help of lights and mirrors. Reflections created through them make pieces truly inviting to customers. Secure good bulbs and clean mirrors to achieve your desired effect.
  • Care with cases: Jewelry pieces certainly last longer when they’re properly taken care of. Protect your wholesale bracelets, cocktail rings and statement necklaces by keeping them in sturdy cases.

Want to step it up a notch?

Here are some tools that would make for unique wholesale jewelry display pieces. What’s great about them is that you can find them in your home or buy them at amazing low prices.

Be creative and start having fun with your one of a kind jewelry display.



Old Suitcase Jewelry Display


Shabby Chic Vases Jewelry Display 


Jewelry Display Hangers


Use Clipboards as Necklace Displays


Frame Jewelry Display


Egg Trays


*All pictures were taken from Pinterest

In any wholesale jewelry selling business, your imagination is the only limit. Showcase your one-of-a-kind pieces in the most creative ways.

Got creative display tips?

We’d love to know about them. Leave your tips, comments and links to your jewelry pieces below.