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Why Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Will Always Be Better Than Real Diamonds

An infographic from Pawntique.com spilled the beans on reselling diamond rings. Though this precious piece of jewelry may seem like the glitz and glamour at all times, there are a number of reasons to think otherwise.

  1. Get real value: Don’t be disappointed over low resale price
Any jewelry’s actual amount and value can only do so much when it’s time to sell. According to the infographic, a diamond ring can only get you up to 30% of the retail price at the most upon disposal. One of the common reasons for the decline of value is its pre-loved condition.

If you are not buying a diamond ring for a significant purpose like an engagement or wedding, it is best to think through your purchase decision. Precious jewelry pieces are high-value items that can be considered as investments that can be passed on.  

  1. Be worry free: Don’t stress over the 4Cs when you go shopping
Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat – these are the four things that you have to take note of you want high quality diamonds for your jewelry pieces. Jewelry designers, connoisseurs, enthusiasts and sellers have a great understanding of these concepts. Being an insider in the fashion and accessories industry gives them a huge advantage over individuals who only purchase occasionally.

Developing a good grasp of the 4Cs may take time, effort and years of experience. Purchasing fashion jewelry will be your best choice if you do not have the luxury of launching an in depth study on these standards or hiring someone to check diamonds for you.

  1. Spend less and look as fabulous: Don’t empty your savings for just one piece of jewelry
Real jewelry adorned with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies usually come with a hefty price tag. Even simple looking rings will cost you a couple of hundred bucks when you purchase them. And it doesn’t end there. This amount can go up to thousands of dollars for more elaborate pieces made from the same valued materials. Setting these stones in gold, white gold, silver or platinum also adds to their aesthetic and monetary value.

But will the price matter once you wear the piece?

Chances are it won’t. Real and costume jewelry will always look the same no matter how much their price tags differ.

Are you a smart jewelry shopper?

Choose to look a million bucks and save tons with quality wholesale accessories. To know more about reselling your diamond rings, take a look at the infographic below.

Photo Credit: Pawntique