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Saying ‘I DO’: An Opal Wedding Ring Can Make All the Difference

Every love story is different. So why are you getting just another diamond engagement ring?

For the longest time, diamonds have been the top gemstone choice. This preference is not only for jewelry sets that adorn women around the globe but for important life events as well like wedding engagements and the wedding itself.

Diamonds are indeed a class of their own. Each piece is delicately sophisticated but tough enough to top the Mohs scale of hardness for minerals. Despite their unique beauty, more and more couples are shying away from the common choice.

There are wholesale fashion jewelry pieces specifically made for weddings and engagements. This option provides a great deal of savings for the budget conscious couples. And for those who want to place a one of a kind stamp in every aspect of their union and love, these daring couples go for unconventional engagement rings or wedding bands adorned with other equally stunning precious stones like the Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise and now, the Opal.   

What Makes The Opal Different?

Aside from being a rare gemstone, Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones on Earth. This type of precious stone has the ability to display all of the rainbow’s colors in a moving diffracted color pattern. Such unique phenomenon is called the play of color.

An Opal can produce a play of colorin three circumstances:

  1. When stones are moved
  2. When the light source is transferred or moved
  3. When the angle to which it is observed is changed

If you are taking on the unconventional aisle when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, here are 5 helpful tips that will definitely show you how to get the best Opal ring set for those precious moments:

  • Bezel setting is best for your Opal. This simple yet stunning style provides utmost protection for your precious stone.
  • Boulder Opal can withstand use through the years. This type of Opal is harder-wearing than its Black, Crystal and White Opal siblings.
  • Make sure to select a ring with an Opal that has a low dome style on top. Having a low cabochon, as this dome is called, lessens exposure to environmental substances that can damage your stone.
  • Always consider the personal style and preference of your partner. No matter how good a pair of ring looks, if it will only cause you to argue before the wedding, then it might not be that all worth it.
  • Get creative and have fun! Since you have already chosen a one-of-a-kind stone for your ring, why not go all out by selecting other unconventional components. The band material is another aspect of the ring that you can explore.

There are tons of ways to make your wedding stand out. Make this momentous event truly your own by breaking conventions. Whether it’s about spending or getting a huge diamond for your ring, always remember that only you and your partner can make the best call.