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How to Use Videos for Marketing Jewelry

Whatever size your jewelry business is, video marketing is an excellent tool for boosting your sales.

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Posting visual content, particularly videos, on your social media pages can help you educate customers about your jewelry business and build warmer audiences. Video content is currently the best type is moving visuals attract people more than purely textual content would.

If you are a retail or wholesale fashion jewelry seller and looking into utilizing videos to attract potential customers, you've found the perfect article. Today, we share some video marketing tips that will help you boost your jewelry business regardless of size.

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Make your video topics informative.

A good business finds ways to inform customers about what they offer and their industry. Doing so is also a powerful way of connecting with your target audience. Consumers do not like being sold to constantly, and would rather watch an informative video than a promotional one.

Use engaging video titles.

The titles are what viewers see first, so make sure that they are compelling and striking. You only have a few seconds to pique a viewer's attention; studies show that users close a video with about ten seconds if they don't find it interesting enough for their tastes.

Turn your blog articles into videos.

When you hit a wall brainstorming for your next video's topic, you can check your blog for inspiration. Turn your latest articles into videos. It would help if you pick ones that have been performing well in terms of user engagement. These are topics your followers want are interested in, so these videos would most likely get the same good feedback as your blog articles.   

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Keep your videos short and straightforward.

Viewers tend to press forward when watching videos till the end or check their duration. With that said, a three-minute marketing video is more preferable compared to ones that are 10 minutes long or more. Get straight to the point, lessen the use of unnecessary special effects and flowery language. 

Ask questions and feedback at the end of the video.

Don’t forget to ask questions at the end of every video you post to increase engagement with your viewers. Encourage them to answer them in the comments section and ask for their thoughts regarding the video they just watched. You can also add call-to-action in the caption or video description to encourage them to check out your e-commerce website or blog.