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How to Wear Minimalist Fashion Rings

Check out this style guide for wearing minimalist fashion rings that you can share with your loyal customers.

woman's hand with minimalist  rings holding lavender plants

 Minimalist jewelry remains to be a very popular fashion trend in 2021. In fact, according to a report at The Courier, minimalist jewelry will surge with rapid revenue growth. It is not surprising, as dainty jewelry is comfortable to wear and simply striking. And yes, they are generally much more affordable than rings with Cubic Zirconia, Moissanites, and precious stones.

So aside from selling retail or wholesale fashion rings to your customers, offer them some tips on how to wear and style them. Doing so will make them trust you more as a brand and make them more interested in what your jewelry business offers.

Today, we share the three best ways to wear minimalist fashion rings:

Don’t be afraid to layer multiple pieces.

Almost all minimalist rings have thin, delicate bands, making them so much easier to layer in each finger without feeling bulky. However, you can also choose to mix a few thin ones with minimalist rings with larger bands. One good example is topping off a layer of two to three thin rings with a tiara minimalist ring or one with a geometric design.

Avoid wearing rings with overpowering styles.

Layering these dainty rings can be addictive; however, it’s best to avoid clash points. If you are wearing a piece with a geometric pattern, do not wear a solitaire ring on another finger. So if you have one with an overpowering style, go with simpler ones with thinner widths to create a beautiful balance.

Experiment with different colors.

Colors or the ring’s metal finish or plating also is key to styling minimalist rings. Wearing pieces with a similar finish like rhodium-plated sterling silver is classy and uniform, but you can also wear rings in rose gold, yellow gold, and silver altogether. The same is the case with the stone colors. Make sure that the finish and stone colors complement each other.