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Jewelry Business Tip: Create a Customer-Friendly Website

Creating a website that not only generates sale but also delivers an excellent shopping experience is a must for jewelry retailers and wholesalers. Whether you own a physical retail store or focused only in selling your jewelry online, a customer friendly website will surely encourage customers to purchase your products and subsequently recommend it to their peers.

While jewelry websites vary in design and functionality, there are certain characteristics that make an online store efficient and ultimately successful. Below are some of the things that make a successful wholesale jewelry website.

1. Make it easy to navigate around your website

A lot of jewelry sellers want to add a lot of features in their website in an attempt to make it more interesting to buyers. However, this course of action often leads to complicated and intimidating processes that usually turn off prospective buyers.
To avoid losing your customers, try to make your processes simpler and Easier by:
• Keeping your layout clean
• Categorizing your products
• Having important pages like "About", "Contact Us" and "FAQ"

2. Easy checkout / payment process

One way to simplify checkout process is to use a virtual shopping cart that they can use to collect different items before paying. Make sure that your website allows different modes of payment like debit cards, credit cards or online money transfer. This way your customers will be encouraged to come back next time they want to buy wholesale jewelry online.

3. Keep Your Content Short and Simple

Most online shoppers do not have lengthy content and they focus on keeping their website in keeping it visually appealing. Do not overstuff you website with keywords and use high quality photos when uploading content on your website. When it comes to writing description, remember to include all the information that your customers will need like color, sizes, materials, cut, etc. Avoid using jargons and unfamiliar abbreviations.
These three characteristics will surely be attracted buyers and will let them enjoy shopping from your online jewelry store. Now, take a look at your website and see if you have a customer-friendly site. Need more tips? Check back for more here and CeriJewelry Blog.