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Unique and Clever Ways to Display Your Jewelry

Are you running out of ways to display your jewelry on trade shows or in your retail store? How about using some unique but totally clever ways to showcase your wholesale jewelry collection? Some of these may look totally unconventional but when pulled off perfectly, it can surely help you create an impression to your customers.
If you’re going to look around the internet, you can find different ways to display jewelry without having to buy expensive display sets or shelves. With little creativity and imagination, you too can come up with display using different items from thrift stores or even in your own backyard.
Showcasing fashion jewelry or handmade accessories can’t even be more fun with this exciting display items. Here’s our list of the most resourceful jewelry displays that can also be done in your store.
MakingLemonadeBlog: Display Necklace Using Vases

Using vases as display stands for necklaces is becoming popular but this stylish display from MakingLemonadeBlog is definitelya stand out. The way it highlights every piece of jewelry is perfect for jewelry stores that are selling fashionable and trendy accessories. Plus the variety of sizes and style is simply irresistible. Interesting? Why not try this in your store too?
ArtsbyNight: Wine Bottles Wrapped in Denim

Using every day item in your jewelry display can still look classy and elegant with some ingenuity. These wine bottles wrapped in denim cloth just make silver necklaces stand out in a very neat and impressive way. Imagine the reaction of your customers when they see how much time and effort you put in your jewelry display. Want to see more of these? Visit her blog here.
PaisleyWallpaper: Vintage Tart Molds

Organizing and displaying wholesale jewelry haven’t’ been this fun and exciting with this unique idea. Smaller molds can hold rings or bracelets while the bigger ones can hold pearl or beaded necklaces. Displaying your jewelry during trade shows can be a lot easier with this technique. And it also makes it easier to monitor each piece to avoid theft while keeping everything in your display table clutter free. Find more details about this on PaisleyWallpaper blog.
Have you enjoyed this list? What other unique jewelry display have you created for your jewelry store? Share your ideas in the comment box!