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Make your wholesale jewelry stand out!

With so much wholesale jewelry on the market today, the key to making customers notice your jewelry now goes far beyond quality, style and price. You need to make them look twice and inspect your wholesale jewelry pieces. The key to having your customer noticing your product is through the right kind of packaging. Most of the time, you only get one chance to impress your potential customers, so make sure your wholesale jewelry items are “dressed” to impress.

Make your wholesale jewelry stand out! Here are a few simple tips.

1. Box it. This is especially ideal for necklaces and earrings. Putting it in a box makes it look special and different from the rest. Color contrast also plays a huge factor. For example, a pearl necklace would surely stand out when placed in a black case. A pair of ruby red earrings would catch anyone’s eye if encased in a white box. Avoid decorating your jewelry boxes with fancy stuff such as ribbons or glitter. You want the attention on what is inside, not on the box.

2. Hang ‘em. You may hang your wholesale jewelry on special jewelry hangers or invest in mannequins, then your customers will have an idea of how it will look on them.

3. Wear it. As an entrepreneur, your confidence in what you are selling is the best form of advertising. Wear items from your wholesale jewelry collection. Wear what looks best on you so they know that your wholesale jewelry items “work.” Make sure you look dashing because if you do, you won’t need too many sales pitches to convince potential customers to buy from you.