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Photographing Wholesale Jewelry

When selling wholesale jewelry, especially for those who have e-commerce stores, good and clear images of your items are a must. Photos of wholesale jewelry are also used on flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and catalogs that retailers and wholesalers give out to clients and customers. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating high quality images of wholesale jewelry pieces:

i. Scanners are useful tools when creating pictures of wholesale jewelry. With the help of scanners, artistic and beautiful shots are easily created without the use of editing software to make wholesale jewelry pieces pop out. Scanner glass makes two-dimensional wholesale jewelry look beautiful and wearable. At the same time, remember that using a scanner does have limitations. Three-dimensional wholesale jewelry pieces are difficult to shoot in scanners. Additionally, “standing up” shots of wholesale rings and wholesale cuffsare impossible to shoot with scanners.

ii.Digital cameras usually give wholesale jewelry the most professional look. Although this option is more expensive, digital cameras are worth the investment because wholesale jewelry business owners can tweak a lot of functions to make the most of their wholesale jewelry pieces. With the right equipment and the right light source, wholesale necklaces and wholesale earrings will stand out.

iii.As mentioned, with the right tweaking in digital cameras, wholesale jewelry will not only be artistic, but exquisite and unique too. Since wholesale jewelry is shiny, photographing these pieces can be a bit tricky. The light and reflection can bounce, so to prevent this, you need the right size, color and placement of lighting.

iv.Emphasizing the jewelry’s beauty, depth and detailis also challenging. With the help of a macro lens, however, this can be done. Combine the macro lens with the right amount of light and you can achieve the perfect picture. This usually works better than a scanner.

v.When taking photos of wholesale jewelry, background is crucial. You may want to set up a black background or have someone wear your wholesale jewelry pieces. This is easy. Just gather your friends for a fun photo-taking session and have them play around with wholesale bracelets, wholesale ringsor wholesale necklaces. The use of non-traditional background is also a good idea.