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The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Wholesale Jewelry to Retailers

The wholesale jewelry business is not for everyone. As with most industries, there is not one single formula that can be used to excel in the wholesale jewelry business. On the other hand, with the right organization and preparation, selling wholesale jewelry to shops, boutiques, and other retailers can bring in a good amount of sales and revenue. When selling wholesale jewelry to retailers, here are some dos and don’ts that have been proven to be effective for most wholesale jewelry businesses:
Do research on all the stores or boutiques you are planning to target as potential wholesale jewelry customers. Make a trip to each store and find out if the wholesale jewelry each business displays matches the style and design you are offering. Also, check if the store specializes in wholesale beaded jewelry or wholesale bridal jewelry. In case you feel that taking a physical trip to the store will take too much time and effort, most jewelry retailers now have websites that you can browse through.

Do not show up unannounced. Jewelry business owners are busy bees and showing up without an appointment could be seen as impolite and inconsiderate. Be sure to contact the store manager or the owner before dropping by. Leaving a card is acceptable if you visit the store and business seems slow, but do not do more than that. Also, bringing a case of fashionable wholesale jewelry won’t hurt either.

Look professional and practice your sales pitch. Wearing the wholesale jewelry you are selling is also a good move. You may want to try wearing wholesale pearl jewelrybecause it usually looks very professional and elegant looking. It’s also important that you know what you’re going to say, and be sure to be friendly when talking to the owner or manager. When you’re trying to convince him or her to purchase some wholesale cubic zirconia rings or bracelets, it pays off to be brief and not waste too much time on unrelated chitchat.
Provide a wholesale jewelry price list. When doing business with fellow businessmen, it’s important to have brochures, data sheets and other promotional materials available. These can be mailed or dropped off in person. Additionally, bring a receipt book, pen, and calculator along with your wholesale earrings and other wholesale jewelry.

Don’t forget to follow up. Just because a retailer cannot purchase wholesale jewelry from you today doesn’t mean that he or she won’t ever do business with you in the future. The retailers you visit might decide to do business with you a few months down the line so be sure to make contact again. Also, do not forget to send thank you cards to those who have purchased wholesale jewelry from you. Attaching promotional materials is also advised so that your clients are updated with the designs you have available for purchase.