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Maximizing the Internet for Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

Putting your wholesale jewelry business online means you are ready to show the world the different wholesale jewelry items you have to offer. From wholesale rings to wholesale bracelets, and wholesale earrings to wholesale necklaces, the internet offers businesswomen a multitude of options to showcase these gorgeous wholesale jewelry pieces.


Social shopping is a recent outlet the internet can offer for wholesalers. Social shopping is actually a combination of online shopping and networking. It helps e-commerce and wholesalers because consumers gather in online communities to discover, review, and recommend products. This helps them share recent finds, trends, and opinions with their friends and others in the online community. To keep it short and simple, social shopping is research. Opportunities created by word-of-mouth are priceless. How else can social shopping help your wholesale jewelry business?

Social e-commerce sites such as ThisNext and StyleHive offer a great opportunity to study the market because they give you a peek inside the psyche of your online consumers. You will know whether customers prefer wholesale sterling silver jewelry or wholesale cubic zirconia rings. By spending some time going through user feedback and comments you’ll be able to see which wholesale jewelry products people recommend and why. Not only can you get this information for free but the large amount of information on wholesale jewelry you can research can greatly help your business.

With social shopping sites, online shoppers share what they want, from the prices to the styles and designs they prefer. This can give you new ideas for wholesale bridal rings or wholesale earrings. Online consumers also have different ways of searching for various wholesale jewelry items. By knowing how online wholesale jewelry consumers tick, your business will have a greater advantage serving your niche, online or offline.

Participating in social shopping sites is a two-way street. Just as you gather information, you can help your business by sharing information as well. Marketing wholesale jewelry on these sites is a great way to attract new customers and introduce them to your business. It also helps if you provide links to your own website page and products. Put in your best wholesale jewelry pieces because customers are bound to rate the products you post.