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Are Wholesale Jewelry Transactions on eBay Safe? Let’s Make Sure

Doing wholesale jewelry business on eBay and other online auction sites can be a risky move for wholesalers. Not only do scams exist, but online transactions can pose other threats that are potentially dangerous for the seller. Many of them are perfectly safe but to be sure that your transactions end on a positive note, there are a few tips you could follow:

1. Remember, feedback is your friend. For a seller, knowing the buyer’s feedback gives you an idea how he or she does online transactions. The more stars, the better for the seller. High feedback scores partnered with a positive percentage of the feedback scores is a gauge on the buyer’s previous transactions.
2. eBay is all about helping both the buyer and the seller. Buyers have the chance to ask any question to the seller. The “Ask Seller a Question” link sends an email to the seller with your question. Sellers are encouraged to answer promptly and respond to the buyer’s question. It shows that you are focused on doing a good job. For example, if a buyer asks about the embellishments on wholesale rings, you can answer specifically: Premium Austrian crystals, cubic zirconia, or gemstones, for example. Buyers have the option of not bidding on the item if they are not satisfied with the answers.

3. Just as buyers can pay with confidence with PayPal, sellers are also protected in online payments. eBay is partnered with PayPal, the easiest and most secure way to pay for wholesale jewelry orders. Buyers can also opt for a check, a credit card, or a debit card. Either way, buyers will still be covered under the payment protection policy. This helps secure both buyers and sellers feel secure when it comes to online payments.

4. PayPal is the recommended option for paying which is why MoneyGram or Western Union is strongly discouraged. As a seller, offering MoneyGram or Western Union as a means of payment often alerts buyers that the transaction may be a scam.

Selling wholesale jewelryon eBay is a great way to increase your sales. Just practice simple caution and care to make sure that every transaction is safe and secure.