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More on Fraud Prevention: Verifying Online Transactions on your Wholesale Jewelry Business

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
By now, business owners, not just wholesale jewelry businessmen, should know that bulk orders of high-priced wholesale jewelry items should call for suspicion. Yes, doing business over the internet poses a lot of risks and dangers but fraudulent transactions should not discourage you from putting your business out on the web. There are many ways to detect AND prevent counterfeit wholesale jewelry transactions online.
Verifying online transactions is just the second step when doing wholesale jewelry business. The first and foremost thing an owner needs to do is to prevent fraudulent transactions at the order-level. If orders involve multiple items or big orders of expensive wholesale jewelry items, more often than not, the orders are fraudulent. It’s especially more suspicious if the customer requests urgent or next-day shipping. Thieves, especially online, always want to get their hands on the items as soon as possible.

Once the order has been placed, verification is the next step. And here we share with you how to verify whether the transaction is legitimate or fraudulent.

1. Thank the technologies because with Google Maps, verifying the shipping and billing address of orders is a breeze. The satellite view offered by Google Maps allows you to see where your wholesale rings will be shipped.

2. The phone number provided with the order was given for a reason. Call that number to verify if it’s real. Scammers usually give non-working phone numbers and when in doubt, always verify. Never ship your wholesale jewelry items until you’ve talked to the customer.

3. Verify the IP address of your customer. The payment gateway should be able to provide the IP address of the purchaser for all your wholesale jewelry orders. The series of numbers and periods represent a traceable address for the computer where the order was placed. Numerous free IP checking services are available online should your payment gateway not give you this information. IP checkers give you the country where the order came from, and this can help you verify if the shipping and billing address given match.

These tips are not exactly fool proof and while scammers evolve with the times, these can certainly help you prevent and eliminate most of the online fraud that occurs in the business world. Protect your wholesale jewelry business by practicing caution and great care when doing business over the phone and on the internet.