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Men and the Business of Wholesale Wedding Jewelry

When men are ready to tie the knot, they will usually invest in wedding jewelry. That being said, it is important for jewelers to carry the right selection of wholesale wedding jewelry for men to choose from when they are purchasing rings for their wedding day. In order to get into the minds of these complicated males, here are a few tips on what men are usually looking for when they are shopping for that special day.

  • Wholesale wedding rings are typically the only piece of wholesale jewelry men wear in their lifetime. As a symbol of love, trust, and commitment, men usually pick wholesale wedding rings that are meaningful and significant. The three most important attributes men factor in when purchasing rings are durability, comfort and hypoallergenic. Men usually prefer wholesale sterling silver rings over other choices because they are usually the most durable.
  • The most important factor men usually take into account when looking for wholesale wedding rings is the aesthetic value of the jewelry. Wholesale rings with cubic zirconia are always a good choice because they are inexpensive and available in a wide variety of styles. From emerald cuts and marquise cuts to brilliant cuts and round cuts, wholesale cubic zirconia rings are perfect for both men and women.
  • For a wholesale wedding band to be the “perfect” fit, the interior must be round. A rounded inner wall is heavier and thus costs more, however, for that perfect day men don’t usually think about the price. Wholesale rings that look simple and uncomplicated are usually the perfect fit for men. Simple as they may be, they are a classic design that men usually appreciate the most.
  • A man’s wedding band is a reflection of his personality, so it is important to keep in mind that wholesale wedding bands should suit a man’s lifestyle. Active men who engage in sports need more durable wedding bands while those in the business track would opt for subdued yet classic designs of wholesale wedding jewelry. Engraving one’s jewelry is sometimes impractical because it could wear off after a year or so.
No matter what kind of wholesale wedding jewelry your male customers prefer, it is always useful to offer them a wide variety of rings for both him and her. Men oftentimes bring their fiancée with them, so keep in mind that matching wholesale eternity bands are always a good choice to offer your customers.