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Wholesale Jewelry for Black Tie Events

It takes a discerning eye to know what the proper jewelry is for black tie events because the number of fabulous wholesale jewelry pieces makes it harder and harder to draw the line between fashion jewelry for formal galas and less formal ones. Plus, with many stunning wholesale jewelry styles available, practicing restraint becomes a very difficult thing.

So for wholesale jewelry retailers out there, perhaps it would be best to segregate black tie wholesale jewelry from your other pieces. For wholesale jewelry lovers, below are tips to keep you looking like the belle of the ball and never a victim of fashion:

No bright, big, and bold wholesale jewelry. For any normal occasion, these fashion forward wholesale jewelry pieces would be great, but that’s not the case for formal events. Less is always more at black tie events. Invest in clear CZ wholesale jewelry, as they look and sparkle like real diamonds. Also, these divine and classic pieces go with any outfit.

For those who simply cannot live without colors, stick to wholesale jewelry pieces that give off a royal vibe such as emerald CZ jewelry, ruby, and sapphire, among others. Do not, however, mix and match colors. Always stick to one color-scheme.

Wholesale jewelry for him. Men have less wholesale jewelry pieces to choose from, so whatever they wear becomes more noticeable. Wholesale cufflinks are musts for black tie events. Opt for less ostentatious ones such as silver cufflinks or gold tone wholesale cufflinks. If colors are a must, stick to the colors mentioned above. Wholesale rings can be worn too. These men’s wholesale jewelry pieces should match other accessories such as the dress watch.

Pearl wholesale jewelry. Pearls wholesale jewelry pieces are versatile as they can be used for anything from formal events to casual ones. Pearl wholesale jewelry is simply divine when worn at black tie events. It gives ladies a streamlined look, oozing with sophistication and class. Never match pearls with any gemstone jewelry, even when the wholesale cocktail ring is utterly gorgeous.