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Offering Different Payment Options for Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

Wholesale purchasing isn’t always done in cash. Because of the need for a safer and more secure transaction, jewelry retailers prefer other options for purchasing wholesale jewelry. Thanks to technology, there are alternative payment options that can be used – hassle-free, conveniently, and most certainly, safely.
CREDIT CARDS: Offering retailers to pay in plastic will probably get your wholesale jewelry business an increase in sales. Not only is this the most preferred method of paying, but credit card transactions are a great way to boost your wholesale jewelry business. Keep in mind that retailers may not always carry cash or checks with them, and some may not plan on buying any kind of wholesale earringsor wholesale bracelets unless they really see a set that they fall in love with. Impulse buying is one of the situations wherein a credit card payment is the best. When selecting a credit card provider, compare different features such as application and set-up fees, monthly or annual fees, bank fees, equipment cost, percentage the provider takes from your sales, customer service, and fraud protection services, just to name a few.
GIFT CERTIFICATES: Gift certificates are the perfect way to offer customers a chance to give your wholesale jewelry as a gift, without the trouble of having to choose specific pieces for their loved ones. For example, there are individuals who want to purchase wholesale necklacesfor their families and friends, but hesitate on what designs to choose. With gift certificates from your wholesale jewelry business, customers can simply give away these coupons and let their friends pick for themselves. Wholesale jewelry business owners can make their own gift certificates with just a computer and a printer, or, can have them professionally made. As long as you’ve indicated the business name, contact information, a “To”, a “From”, and an “Amount” line, and a unique number on the gift certificate, you are good to go.
LAYAWAY PLANS: Layaway plans basically offer clients wholesale jewelry payments in increments. Wholesale jewelry businesses are guaranteed an increase upon implementation of layaway plans. Suggested layaway time is four to a possible six weeks, which depends largely on the total sale of wholesale jewelry purchases. Despite the detailed recordkeeping and extra time layaway plans entail, this type of payment option should only be offered for purchases over a certain dollar amount.A layaway program encourages large orders and repeat purchases.
No matter what type of alternative payment you offer, it all boils down to the designs and styles of your wholesale jewelry collection. With a vast selection of the latest in wholesale jewelry styles, customers are bound to purchase from you – via cash, credit card, gift certificates, or layaway.