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So You Already Have Alternative Payment Options for Wholesale Jewelry… Now What?

Now that you’ve already opened your business and have started offering options, other than cash, for clients purchasing wholesale jewelry, it’s time to let clients know that you’re accepting credit cards, giving away gift certificates, and offering a layaway scheme - but how?
You could start by letting your customers know at shows and parties. Trade events are also an opportunity where you can offer different payment schemes for wholesale jewelry purchases. At trade shows, display visible signs on your table with attractive logos of the credit card types that you accept. You can ask for these signs from credit card merchant account providers. Informing potential consumers that credit cards are accepted will boost wholesale jewelry sales. Additionally, it’s easier to sell high-priced wholesale jewelry with credit cards, especially with impulse purchases. When offering payment through credit cards, however, the prices should cover the cost of accepting the credit cards. Calculate the cost of offering this kind of payment method and add that percentage into the price of your wholesale jewelry.
With gift certificates, on the other hand, verbally inform clients of the benefits of using gift certificates as a means of purchasing wholesale jewelry. Once a customer purchases a gift certificate from you and claims it from your store, add a piece of wholesale jewelry as way of saying thank you. Or you can simply sell an add-on item as an additional splurge with their gift certificate. Ask permission to include them in your mailing list to inform them of your future promotions and wholesale jewelry new arrivals. You can also offer gift certificates for free to certain companies, which they can give to their employees. This is especially helpful during the holidays when shopping experiences a surge.
Other means of letting clients know about your different payment options includes hanging signs on your store, or by spreading the news via word-of-mouth. Coupled with the hottest styles in wholesale jewelry, you are guaranteed to have an increase in wholesale jewelry purchases no matter what.