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Photographing Wholesale Fashion Jewelry for Online Stores

Many work-at-home moms look into wholesale fashion jewelry as a means of earning extra income while taking care of the kids. Even creative ones who really like fashion jewelry make their own wholesale fashion jewelry products and just sell them right in the convenience of their own homes. It saves rent expenses and there is no need to hire extra people… yet.

However, with the many advantages of eCommerce for wholesale fashion jewelryowners, it does come with one setback: customers cannot physically touch the products themselves. So what’s the next best thing to do? To have attractive and enticing wholesale jewelry photos, of course! Here’s how you can photograph wholesale bracelets, wholesale rings, wholesale necklaces, and other wholesale fashion jewelry accessories that you can put up in your website.

The first thing to remember is that your creativity will be challenged when it comes to photographing wholesale fashion jewelry. With the primary goal of attracting visitors, both old and new, you have to make sure that your photos will stand out against your competitors. Do this by carefully choosing the props and background necessary to create a simple yet artistic and dramatic layout.

Geometric Shapes Cubic Zirconia Pavè Ring
When choosing the cover or feature photo, select a photo of a wholesale fashion jewelry piece that gives the most impact, both in preview and full-sized. This is because visitors should be instantly attracted to your website in general, which is why it is very important to have a photo that screams “buy me!” To create your preview shot, take close-up shots to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of your wholesale fashion jewelry pieces.

While it is important to have a detailed shot of the wholesale jewelry, don’t forget to also have a full picture of it as well. Give shoppers an idea of how the piece looks from afar to help them decide what outfit to wear with it or what look to create it with.

Simplicity is always key in photographs. It doesn’t mean that it should be bland and boring though. You can always add props like display cases, rocks, and other pieces you can easily find in your surroundings.