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The Best Choices of Aquamarine Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

As a wholesale fashion jewelry store owner, surely you know that aquamarine is the birthstone for March. The color of aquamarine is reminiscent of the ocean, as the blue clouds reflect themselves on the clear surface of this wonderful body of water. In early days, sailors wore aquamarine talismans to be safe from the dangers at sea. This is because aquamarine was believed to be sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea.


Today, aquamarine is widely used in wholesale fashion jewelry because women find it so elegant that they specifically choose this type of gemstone for their wholesale jewelry. Of course, before buying wholesale fashion jewelry like aquamarine wholesale jewelry, there are some qualities one should look for. The color should range from an almost indiscernible pale blue to a strong sea blue. Inclusions are rare in aquamarine gemstones so be sure that your choices of aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry should have none of those. Small gems are also relatively cheap but expect prices to be higher for larger gemstones.

Aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry is a great choice for couples. This is because wholesale fashion jewelry embellished with aquamarine gemstones are deemed lucky for the bride because it also doubles as “something blue”. For couples celebrating their 16th and 19th year of marriage, aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry is an equally great gift. Wholesale eternity rings are also romantic with aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry and so are wholesale engagement rings.


For cocktail rings, aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry makes the most fashionable selection. Why is that so? It makes a great collection because there’s just so much to play around with when it comes to aquamarine wholesale jewelry. Oval-shaped aquamarine cocktail rings, pave-set aquamarine and Sapphire Austrian crystal wholesale rings, and gold-plated wholesale cocktail rings with floral centerpieces are just some of the well-loved pieces store owners should have in their collection.

This March, jewelry store owners should not be without aquamarine wholesale fashion jewelry because retailers and jewelry lovers are bound to shop for them during this time of the month. Don’t forget, you can always check out CeriJewelry.com’s stylish collection of aquamarine wholesale jewelry for the best deals.