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Pick-a-boo: Where do the Best Wholesale Suppliers Hide?

You've finally decided to start a business. Congratulations on taking the big step!

Can’t seem to find the wholesale fashion jewelry seller of your dreams? We’ll point you towards the right direction.

Try looking in one or all of these places to find a business partner that can help your business thrive by providing you with the right quality materials.

Photo Credit: Women's Lifestyle

  1. Internet

The World Wide Web holds the biggest database of suppliers any business owner can possibly need. From raw materials to ready made products that to sold, you’re definitely a few clicks away. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can provide you with a list of a thousand wholesalers or more in a matter of seconds. Yellow pages and other online directories such as wholesalecentral.com and alibaba.com can also provide you with a number of leads. Since the internet is free, exhaust this means to carry on a cost-efficient hunt for suppliers.

  1. Trade Shows

Attending these industry specific events can be your best bet in finding a suitable wholesaler – that is, if you have the time luxury of time to travel and a few thousand dollars to spare for a trip. Aside from finding suppliers, trade shows also provide wonderful opportunities for networking, market and product research as well as trend forecasting. This three are very important components in maintaining the profitability of your business venture.

  1. Trade Magazines

Just like jewelry tradeshows, these reading materials contain much industry specific information that can be very useful for business owners like you. Though magazines are less expensive than meet-up events like trade shows, they lack the face-to-face meeting component of attending events.

  1. Ask other sellers in the market

Talking to your competitors easily pass as a crazy and worthless idea. Despite that hunch of many, talking to other sellers in your industry is a healthy practice until you any of you decide to pull someone’s hair. This practice promotes ideas to flow freely which hopefully improves the company brand or status. Just be sure to have the best intentions when engaging with other business owners.

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