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The Ultimate Start-up Guide: How to Get Your Fashion Jewelry Online Store Up and Running (Part 1)

Buying wholesalefashion jewelrycarries with it various earning potentials. As a reseller, you may choose to start a retail store or sell these pieces online. Many tech savvy business owners go with the second option.

Photo Credit: AOL Small Business
Selling products online is very different from doing so offline. Though it is said to be more convenient, business owners may find themselves faced with more worries because of their virtual stores.

Finding customers, promoting your products, securing financial transaction and creating your niche is absolutely more challenging in the World Wide Web mainly because of its wide reach. But this disadvantage is also one of the advantages of bringing your store online. A wider reach can easily mean more audience; more audience means more prospective buyers.

We wouldn’t want you to miss any of it so we are guiding you through the process. For the next few weeks, Cerijewelry will give you tips and tricks on how to get your online store off the ground and selling your pieces like pancakes.

For this week, well talk about select the right domain name

Choosing a domain name for your online shop has a great potential to make or break your business. This name will be the identity of your business in the World Wide Web so be sure to pick with care. Generally, merchants use their business names to double as domain name. This is a very good practice since it blends and compliments your online and offline efforts of your brand. Having people recognize your brand name and be able to look for them in search engines can boost your sales. But this is not always the case. At times, the domain name you intent to use is already taken. When that happens, select another one with these tips in mind:
§        Keep it short and simple
§        Easy to remember
§        Easy to type
§        It should represent your brand or the products you carry
§       Unique – having it sound like another brand can often cause confusion that may lead to reduced sales

Before you settle for a domain name, it will be best to ask the opinion and feedback of family and friends. Knowing what others think can help evaluation on an objective level.

Visit soon for our next post. Join us as we talk about another important step in jump starting your online selling business.