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Popular Wholesale Jewelry Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Wholesale jewelry store owners know that Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular occasions of the year. This is the perfect time when retailers and other customers shop for wholesale fashion jewelry to celebrate the romantic occasion. Of course, planning for wholesale jewelry is a must and it should never be an impulsive thing. Otherwise, wholesale jewelry retailers might miss a lot, like a whole lot of sales, if they decide on putting a wholesale fashion jewelry display at the last minute.


To help wholesale fashion jewelry lovers and retailers during this time of the year, here are some ideas on the best-selling styles on Valentine’s Day.

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry may be around throughout the year but wholesale jewelry stores know that it becomes especially popular in February. Additionally, wholesale rings and wholesale earrings embellished with amethyst and garnet CZ stones or Premium Austrian crystals are among the favorites when Valentine’s Day approaches.

Because it is the month of hearts, wholesale fashion jewelry embellished with hearts are best-sellers. Whether they dangle from wholesale earrings or wholesale bracelets, hearts will always captivate a woman’s fashion taste so jewelry store owners can never go wrong with it. A heart is a universal symbol for love, making it a perfect gift for daughters, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and grandmothers.

Wholesale vintage jewelry is another popular type of wholesale jewelry during Valentine’s Day. Charm bracelets, chunky wholesale cocktail rings, and even wholesale brooches that are vintage-inspired are perfect Valentine’s jewelry. Because it is vintage or vintage-inspired at the least, this type of wholesale fashion jewelry will last long after the flowers, candies, and other gifts are gone.

When in doubt, go with heart-inspired wholesale jewelry. When set in pave, wholesale cocktail rings, wholesale earrings, and even wholesale engagement rings are more than elegant, romantic, and thoughtful, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry.