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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Spotlight: Classic Engagement Ring Styles (Part I)

Proposals happen all-year round and they are especially prevalent during February, when love and romance is celebrated all over the world. A healthy marriage is built on trust, commitment, and love but every marriage starts with one thing – a wedding, and a wedding is never easy on the pocket. Fortunately, budget-conscious couples have one place to go to for affordable engagement rings – wholesale fashion jewelry stores.

So for a wholesale fashion jewelry store owner, here are the Top 10 classic styles of wholesale engagement rings that should be available in their stores:

Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Ring
10. Solitaire – One of the most common but classic styles of wholesale engagement rings is the solitaire type. Sporting a single stone, usually in round cut, the solitaire wholesale engagement ring will never go out of style and any woman will appreciate this on her finger.

9. Stones in fancy shapesWholesale engagement rings embellished with stones in fancy shapes are becoming more prevalent nowadays. While round stones are what most ladies prefer, there are still those who want to be unique with their engagement rings. The princess, emerald, oval, asscher, radiant, heart, and pear cuts are just some of the shapes popularized by celebrities today.

8. Big Rocks – Wholesale engagement rings also come with big rocks. The huge stones that sit atop gold-tone or sterling silver engagement rings are sometimes more important than the quality of its color or spark.

2 Carat Sterling Silver Clear CZ Ring
7. Signature Presentation – There are certain wholesale engagement ring styles that are distinct to a particular designer. Tiffany & Co. is an example. The classic six-prong setting is said to be designed as such to enhance the light that passes through the top-quality diamond that sits on top of the engagement ring.

6. Three-Stone Rings – Logically, the more diamonds or CZ stones an engagement ring has, the more expensive it gets. The same goes for wholesale engagement rings embellished with three-stone rings. The rocks represent the couple’s past, present, and future relationship and they can be of the same sizes or the center may be bigger than the side stones.

Other classic styles of wholesale jewelry engagement rings include split-shank setting, wedding band sets, and more. Find out what styles belong to the bottom half of the classic styles of wholesale engagement rings next week.