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Promise Ring and Engagement Ring: What’s the Difference?

As the Queen Bey, Beyonce would always say, “If you like it, then you shoulda’ put a ring on it.”
Indeed, at this time of the Valentine month, men are currently on a mission, embarking from one jewelry store after another just to find the perfect ring for their significant other! Question is, what particular and appropriate ring should he buy for his “bae”?

You, being the trustworthy jewelry expert that you are (and should be), it’s your duty to tell them the essential information they need to know as to what ring exactly are they looking for, before you let them buy the piece. Just so you know, a significant number of people are still confused as to what’s the difference between the two tangible symbols of love in terms of meaning, appearance and value.
Just in case you need a simple overview of the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring, here are some quick references:

Promise ring can mean a lot of things as opposed to engagement ring

Promise ring can mean a lot of things, depending on who will wear it and from whom it came. It can define a symbol of loyalty, trust and undying friendship (Hi, Friendzone). It also serves as a personal commitment to one’s self (religious undertaking, etc).
In modern times, promise ring serves as a precursor to engagement. Basically, it’s your gateway to exclusivity. However, unlike engagement rings, promise ring doesn’t imply further formal discussions regarding marriage or engagements. It only suggests that the person giving the ring is devoted and committed on the relationship, regardless if it moves further or not.
Engagement on the other hand symbolizes the receiver’s acceptance to the giver’s marriage proposal, hence “engaging” themselves to a formal agreement of unification through matrimony.

Value-wise in general, engagement rings are still more expensive

This is a no-brainer. Of course, engagement rings are more expensive because of its characteristics. For one thing, the “rock” that’s attached to it has more detailed rare diamond cuts and higher karat than that of promise rings.
Moreover, promise rings generally have simple designs and don’t require diamond attachments gem details, although the common trend in promise rings today involves having diamonds, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should have higher karat or larger gems.

Promise rings are not obligatory

Unlike engagement rings, men are not required or obliged to give a promise ring to their partners. On the other hand, giving an engagement ring is considered a pre-requisite of a marriage proposal, becoming the seal of approval and acceptance of the receiver to the arrangement.
In line with this, most of you are already calling your wholesale jewelry supplier to restock and replenish your jewelry inventory and supplies – particularly rings. These hand adornments are probably the most in-demand jewelry accessory during Valentine season, alongside necklaces and bracelets. More specifically engagement rings and promise rings are considered the “best-sellers” this hearts season, for the simple and understandable reason that most guys (and girls as well) prefer to address their heartfelt and undying love for their partners.
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