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Picking a Set of All-Apparel Jewelries for your Everyday Use

Living in an urban life can be a handful for us, driven women, especially when it comes to being classy and fashionably refined. We need to ensure we have to be on our best form at all times. On the other hand, the trouble of dressing up on a daily basis is already a recurring dilemma that overwhelms us the moment we open our closet.
All Apparel Jewelries For Everyday Use
We can forget all of that now!
Thank god for jewelries, we can now all brave the concrete jungle in our most comfortable ensemble without sacrificing glamour, style and sophistication. All it takes is a good eye in picking the right set of jewelries to complement your everyday style.
To help you decide on what rocks, gems and bling to buy, here are some quick tips.

Evaluate your wardrobe

It’s a wonder how jewelries can accentuate an outfit. Even the simplest tees & jeans to elaborate blouses, these glitzy accessories can effortlessly improve your style statement. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to check out your wardrobe first before swiping your credit card. Remember, your clothes are still the base factor of your style, so it’s better to look and analyze what’s inside the closet to know the jewelries that will go well with your casual garb.

Balance is the key (size)

Jewelries are all about glamour. However, looking glamorous doesn’t equate to simply wearing big, glacier-like rocks. Unless you want to look like a washed out fortune teller, you should consider how to balance your style in terms of donning a jewelry set. Don’t pair ginormous earrings with large necklaces, or diamonds with intricate gemstones and beads, or pair abstruse chokers and shiny cuffs with neon blouses. Remember, it’s about balance.

Color coordination

Mixing and matching is what makes jewelry sets fun and interesting. However, it can also make or break your overall appearance, especially if the mixing and matching is overdone. Make sure to know if the jewelry set that you’re eyeing will blend in with most of the clothes you have in your closet. Earth colors normally go well with delicate necklaces with pendant, while candy-colored bangles can easily ruin a preppy plain black and white outfit.

Look for something that best fits your personality

Jewelries are there to coincide with your fashion sense. And of course, these accessories should also coincide with your personality. That way, you can confidently grace the streets wearing these jewelries even in “dress down” mode.
All in all, jewelries can make a simple budget dress into a catwalk-worthy ensemble. But don’t take our word for it. You, being the wearer, should consider if your chosen jewelries will suit your style, comfort and overall appearance.
Apparel Jewelries For Everyday Use
Jewelry Apparel for Everyday Use
Apparel Jewelry for Everyday Use
Jewelries Apparel for Everyday Use
All photos courtesy of momfabulous.com
Model: Julie
All jewelries by CeriJewelry
Necklace: Elegant Double Loop Swarovski Element Crystal Pendant Necklace
Bracelet: CZ Rhodium-Plated Tennis Bracelet
Earrings: CZ Gold Sand Earrings
Ring: Brilliant Halo CZ Stainless Steel Cocktail Ring
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