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5 Reasons You Should Avail Ceri Jewelry’s 5% OFF Valentine’s SALE this V-Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And just like any other Valentine’s Day, this is one those peak seasons jewelry shops need to prepare for. In fact, this is definitely the most important peak season for jewelries – particularly rings and necklaces – as these adornments are just one of the go-to gifts every Valentine, along with flowers, cards and chocolates in heart-shaped boxes.
Is your store ready for the sudden surge of demands for jewelry? If not then maybe you should get close correspondents with your wholesale jewelry supplier because for sure, your store will about to experience some Black Friday kind of vibe this Feb!
Cerijewelry's Valentines Sale
Perfect timing, indeed because starting January 26 to February 8, Ceri Jewelry gets down to its knees and to stand in for Cupid by offering you this 5% Valentine’s Sale! Better
And here are 5 reasons why we encourage you to avail this for this February’s special day!

Jewelry somewhat “seals the deal”

We’re all for all that “Love is the greatest gift of all”. Although in this modern world, it’s best to say it when accompanied by something to prove it like a ring or a necklace. Jewelries are one way to express exclusivity. And with this, not only you’re telling everyone how much you love your partner. It also encapsulates and the proverbial meaning of love into something tangible and proof-worthy. Thus, a lot of guys are probably thinking about buying one for their girlfriends by now.

Jewelry can pretty much says everything

There are a lot of guys and even girls who rather opt to buy something from the jewelry store because they can’t seem to properly express their emotions through words regardless if they are already comfortable with each other. So, this is their way of telling them their pent up feelings. But this does not deny the fact that giving a special token is the sweetest gesture you can ever do to express your utmost appreciation for the love given to you unconditionally by your better-half.

‘tis the season for rocks, metals and gems

Aside from Anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s Day is the best time for jewelry shopping. In fact, study showed that for the last 2 years, jewelry sales play somewhere at $4.4 billion during Valentine’s alone. Come Valentine’s 2015, jewelries are expected to bump up its revenue even more. And we only have a couple of weeks away ‘til V-day! That should ring a bell by now, jewelry store owners!

Recent statistics show that more men and women prefer jewelry than candies and roses

Another statistics has been recently conducted about percentage of popular gifts that are expected to soar this Valentine’s Day. As for jewelries, it is plotted that 21.1% of the general public are going for the bling rather than sweets and roses, and willing to shell out $172.38 average on jewelry price; a 2% increase from the previous Valentine and $10 up on customer price range. Quite confused by the numbers? Only one way to equate this: More people will be expecting to buy jewelries this V-season.

Ceri Jewelry has the widest range of jewelry selections

Last reason is that Ceri Jewelry has the latest jewelry selections that go not only with the current design trends, but also with the mood that accords with the season. Ranging from Cubic Zirconia engagement rings, earrings with Swarovski elements to necklaces with heart pendants, we’ve got it all here for your store’s romantic Valentine needs!
And of course, is 5% off not reason enough to grab a handful of jewelries for your Valentine inventory? Don’t need to answer that because, YES, That’s reason enough!
For more details, check out Ceri Jewelry’s official website!
May the love you share grow more and more each day!