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The Gems, Metals and Stones of the Red Carpet

Hollywood is currently in the midst of the awards season, recently concluding the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes. That only means you’ll get to see a bunch of A-list staples gracing the red carpet with their haute couture dresses and dapper tuxedos…
Obviously, celebrity ensemble wouldn’t be complete without the blings and gems as these accessories define and add detail to their overall appearances. And for sure, the demands for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and gems will soar for the next couple of months to come.
Gems, Metals and Stones of the Red Carpet
So, what are the latest formal and red carpet jewelry trends to watch out this 2015?

Ear Cuffs and Fringe Earrings

Basing from the recently-concluded Golden Globes, we see a lot of celebrities donning a pair of either ear cuffs or fringe earrings. Ear cuffs managed to climb up the trend this year and very much would sit at par with the more traditional ear pieces we see on most red carpet eve    nts, mainly because of its versatile characteristics to match virtually all kinds of ensemble – be it for formal, casual or cocktail outfits.
Meanwhile, along with the chandelier earrings, the fringe swung its way back to the trend this year, bumping out the previous small piece, hoop and stud trends of 2014. The looming elegance of this piece somehow throws back a hint of the classy seventies look. So, better showcase a pair of intricate chains, metals and seed-beadded ear pieces in your shelf.

Platinum Posh

The shade of bright white platinum overshadows the usual gold this year with the emergence of platinum jewelries. Its flexibility to be paired with rhinestones, diamonds or gems allows the wearer to emphasize the details of the jewelry without opting out the sheer refinement of this precious metal.
Because of its innate exquisiteness and effortless exhibition of class, the neat and classic approach of this jewelry trend will be expected to glare from one red carpet event to another this year.

Diamonds are Still Women’s Bestfriend

Indeed, diamond never goes out of style, and it never will! You can never go wrong with these rockin’ rocks. It’s so elegant, it can even allude classiness to a plain, casual shirt and jeans, but that’s a different story altogether. In terms of red carpet fashion, diamonds are a staple and can’t be missed out or left behind. That’s probably and arguably one of the most unforgivable style sins one can ever commit.

Serpentine Necklace

Thanks to Naomi Watts’ eye-catching diamond serpentine necklace (which BTW has been worn several times already by the Golden Globe nominee), it looks like we’ll be seeing more of this jewelry crawling around everyone’s neck this year.
We can’t blame Naomi for “owning” the piece. Aside from the intricate details of this fine neck jewelry that gives a sophisticated adornment to your ensemble, it also has the capability of providing an illusion of having a slimmer and more toned neck, collar and shoulder features, highlighting the details of your profile even more.
Do you already have these trendy jewelries in your store? If not, then this might be the perfect time to contact your trusty fashion jewelry supplier to order ASAP!
Care to share your fashion “statement” regarding these jewelry trends? Feel free to hit us up by leaving a comment below!