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Promotions That Can Jumpstart Your Wholesale Jewelry Business

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Selling wholesale jewelry at low prices can certainly help your wholesale jewelry business. Retailers usually experiment on wholesale jewelry promotions to find out which ones work and which ones don’t. Here, we give you different promotional ideas to help jumpstart your wholesale jewelry business.
If you do mail order wholesale jewelry selling, take advantage of this opportunity to promote your wholesale jewelry collection by including promotional materials when shipping wholesale jewelry orders. Promotional items include brochures, flyers, catalogs, newsletters or postcards announcing future deals and/or featured products such as wholesale earrings or new arrivals of the latest styles in wholesale jewelry. One tip here is to overprint marketing materials that are regularly mailed to clients and include these items when mailing wholesale jewelry orders.
Birthstones are great wholesale jewelry items. Birthstones help you create monthly promotions because celebrators will want to purchase wholesale gemstone jewelry for themselves and for their loved ones. Create brochures and catalogs displaying the birthstone for each month and these promotional items can be used as excellent marketing pieces for mailing lists, trade shows, and at home parties.
Free shipping helps. Constantly offering free shipping or low cost shipping for orders that reach a certain amount encourages your clients to purchase more wholesale jewelry items. They might add wholesale bracelets to their orders or they may decide to purchase wholesale men’s jewelryjust for the free shipping. Additionally, free shipping is a way of increasing value without having to lower or discount your wholesale jewelry prices.
Just as free shipping can increase sales, so does free gift-wrapping. Many people purchase wholesale jewelry for their loved ones as gifts so having a free gift-wrapping promotion will persuade them to purchase from you. Free gift-wrapping is especially useful during the holidays – whether it’s the Yuletide season or Valentine’s Day or other celebrations such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Have a refer-a-friend program for your customers. The internet isn’t always the fastest way of doing business. News travels through word of mouth, and with promotions such as the refer-a-friend program, customers can receive more if they refer more of their friends to come to your store. For example, wholesale jewelry suppliers can offer final order discounts or gift certificates for clients who can bring in a friend or two to purchase wholesale jewelry from your store. Not only does this program encourage repeat buys, you also use your existing customer base to make a sales force for you.
There are more ways to promote your business but here are a few suggestions that you can use to create a name in the wholesale jewelry world. There’s no formula to increase sales but with creativity, one or two promotions are can work for you.