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Welcoming Customers into Your Wholesale Jewelry Shop

  • by admin
  • 2 min read

Despite the abundance of online wholesale jewelry stores, nothing beats the feel of having a physical wholesale jewelry shop and seeing your clients face-to-face. Envision yourself as a customer and imagine a friendly face greeting you as you walk into a store. It feels good, doesn’t it? For wholesale jewelry suppliers, there are many ways to make clients feel welcome and valued. Here are a few:
1. This might be hard to believe but keeping candy in your wholesale jewelry store actually helps increase wholesale jewelry sales. Why? A bowl of candy makes people stop and look at your wholesale jewelry collection. This gives you time to strike up a conversation and talk about the jewelry they’re interested in. If they’re looking at wholesale bridal rings, you can talk about it and mention some information about the wholesale rings.
2. Notice the wholesale jewelry piece your client is wearing. Asking customers about the jewelry they wear makes for a great icebreaker. Talking about their jewelry is a great way to lead into a discussion about the wholesale jewelry products that you offer. For example, if you notice a customer wearing chandelier earrings, you can mention the wholesale earrings in your collection that fashionistas will certainly love.
3. Just as noticing wholesale jewelry accessories your client wears helps sell more wholesale jewelry, complimenting them will make your clients feel appreciated. Don’t be shy giving compliments on wholesale jewelry bracelets that you think are perfect accessories to your customer. Knowing that you work in the wholesale jewelry world, compliments that come from you will be significant and credible to the customer. It also increases makes talking about wholesale jewelry in general a little easier.
4. Give ideas and suggestions on how to wear wholesale jewelry pieces. Once a client tries on a wholesale jewelry item such as wholesale necklace, you can offer ideas on how to wear a wholesale sterling silver necklace, for instance. You can suggest the kinds of shoes or ensembles to pair with a certain kind of wholesale jewelry piece.

5. Avoid starting conversations by asking “How may I help you?” Smile and say hello. You may ask them how they are or what they think about the wholesale jewelry collectionso far, but starting with “How may I help you?” is impersonal, whereas saying hello can be warm and inviting. Creating personal warmth and interest is one way to make your clients feel comfortable shopping in your store.
6. Finally, calling a client by their first name is a great way to make your customers feel more comfortable and welcome in you store, which can encourage conversations regarding wholesale jewelry. Calling them by their first name establishes a casual and friendly mood, making your clients feeling free to talk about wholesale jewelry styles and trends. Don’t forget to tell them your first name too if you want to avoid a one-way conversation.