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Safety Tips When Shipping Your Jewelry

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Shipping merchandise is one of the biggest concerns of any online business owners. With the way it affects your sales and your brand’s credibility, you can never be too careful as you send packages to your customers across the country or even abroad.
Safety Tips When Shipping Your Jewelry
Every time you ship your items, you may experience risks that may greatly affect your wholesale jewelry business. These risks, when not managed properly, can cause frustration and setbacks that can affect your relationship with your customers.
Whether you’re a startup on this industry, or already an old timer, you have to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your products from the moment you ship it until it arrives in its destination. Below are some tips that you must consider to have a successful product shipment.

Prepare for a safe shipment

To reduce the risks of shipping your merchandise, it’s important to create a policy that will protect you and your customers from theft, damage and errors that might happen while shipping your jewelry.
Review your insurance policy and define the coverage of your liabilities as a seller. Also take time to anticipate possible problems that you might encounter and what you can do to solve them.

Choose a trustworthy carrier

Having reliable partners plays a great impact in having a successful wholesale jewelry business online. To keep your products safe during shipment, remember to choose a trustworthy carrier that can handle you products efficiently.
Although there are companies who can offer cheaper shipping rates, it’s important to go for the ones that give you the peace of mind while your products are being shipped. Read online reviews of different shipping companies and ask recommendations from some of your friends to ensure the quality of service of your chosen carrier.

Pack with your customers in mind

When shipping jewelry, you have to make sure that your items will arrive intact and damage free. For most jewelry sellers, sturdy unmarked boxes are the preferred packaging for shipping small to medium items.
To prevent loss or damage on your jewelry, you can place it in an envelope or bag and place it inside a small box or container. Then, pack the small box in a larger box then place bubble wraps or paper tissue inside the larger box to keep it from moving. Write down the recipient and return address on the interior box and secure the larger exterior box with reinforced paper mailing tape to avoid losses and damage in transit.