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Tips on Decreasing Waiting Time in Your Jewelry Store

  • by admin
  • 2 min read
Now that the Holidays is fast approaching and great volume of shoppers can be expected in the next few months, it’s important to prepare for the increase of traffic in your jewelry retail store and the possible concerns that might go with it.
One of the nightmares of Holiday shopping aside from having to wade through a large crowd of shoppers is to waste at least 30 minutes on long queue lines upon checkout. Aside from the fact that it’s a huge time waster, long waiting time also increases the customers’ negative perception about your business.
Tips on Decreasing  Waiting Time in your Jewelry Store
While nearly all jewelry shoppers expect some waiting time, especially during peak season, they would still appreciate being served promptly and efficiently. Reduced waiting time gives the impression of excellent customer service and encourages shoppers to choose your wholesale jewelry storeamong other competitors.
Here are some simple ways to reduce queue time in your retail business.

1. Find where checkout process slows down

Even before the holiday season kicks in, start looking through your business practices and determine what areas you can improve. If your current waiting time can be considered fair, imagine how it will be when the foot traffic increased. Look at where the whole purchase process congests and how it can affect the overall waiting time of your customers.
Are they waiting too long before being assisted with their inquiries? Are the queue lanes a little confusing? Does it take too much time to get their items packed? Determine any weak point and plan on how you can solve the issues strategically.

2. Maximize your staff

Having the right man power is very important in having a smooth and easy checkout process. During peak season, consider having additional personnel to help in the operation of your business.
Assign personnel who will assist people on the floor and will keep queue lines straight and orderly. You can also add the number of cashiers, usherettes or even guards to ensure the efficiency of your whole operation. Also make sure to train your employees and equip them with proper knowledge about different types of fashion jewelry and jewelry quality so they can assist your customers properly.

3. Entertain customers while they wait

Intalling a TV set which and letting a short video clip play can help keep your customers while they are waiting on line. You can also put informative and entertaining posters around the store to help distract them from long waiting lines.