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Showcasing Your Wholesale Jewelry

First impressions aren't just for meeting new people. It also applies to business and the way you present a product as an entrepreneur. Sometimes it takes more than a remarkable product to entice potential customers. You must present the product in such a way that it will convince customers to pay attention. This is particularly true for fashion items, such as wholesale fashion jewelry. Jewelry is beautiful to look at, but how do you stand out in a crowd of stunning jewelry pieces? The trick to standing out is effective presentation.

Here are some easy tips to make your wholesale jewelry stand out however you display it.

1. Make sure the backdrop for your items match the “personality” of your precious jewelry pieces.

For example, if you are displaying bold, chunky and colorful jewelry, placing it in a black jewelry cloth would make it stand out, but it might not catch the fleeting attention of your customers. Try attaching them on a happy mannequin—mannequins with big, wide smiles and facial decor instead of the usual bland, lifeless mannequins. This will definitely pique your customer’s interest. A smile, even on a mannequin, always catches the eye.

2. Have a unified theme for your displays.


Make sure that there is color coordination and the design itself complements the material of your wholesale jewelry pieces. For example, if you are displaying nature-inspired jewelry, you can use dried leaves to place your items in. Or instead of hangers, use twigs or stems for hanging necklaces or bracelets. If you are showcasing bridal wholesale jewelry, put the rings in red velvety jewelry boxes complete with ribbons.

Sometimes fancy packaging can help lure customers into choosing your product over a competitor’s, even if you are selling the exact same item. Also, remember that a “hodge podge” look is amateurish and it is not the impression you want customers to walk away with.

3. Don’t be afraid of height. 


You do not always have to lay your precious items down on the table. You can hang them on vertical jewelry display boards or create custom stands made from materials, such as Styrofoam. Add dimension to your displays. When it comes to displaying your precious jewelry, don’t hold back on creativity.