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Spice Up Your Jewelry Inventory with Snake Rings

We’re down to the last few months of 2013 but it’s never too late to give your customers something that will remind them how awesome the year of the snake is. Especially for those who were born this year, wholesale fashion jewelry with a gorgeous snake design can be a great addition to their collection. This serpent is also known to bring good luck when it comes to money so why not wear one everyday!

Here at Cerijewelry, we have different snake rings that can make your display more exciting. This fashionable wholesale jewelry is made from high quality stainless steel and tiny cubic zirconia stones that can make each ring shine on top of your finger. Unlike the real snake, this fashion ring looks adorably cute and can get the attention of anyone who lays eyes on them.

Here are some impressive pieces of jewelry that you can add to your jewelry display this year of the snake.

Cubic Zirconia Striped Snake Pavè Ring

This snake cocktail ring is the perfect conversation piece. Featuring black diamond and clear cubic zirconia stones this can really make an impression to anyone who will visit your store. The exotic yet glamorous design of this ring can be the best bet if you want to give your customer something they will never regret 

Rhodium Plated Cubic Zirconia Snake Ring

Slither away with this amazingly rendered snake fashion ring. Featuring a luxurious amount of high quality cubic zirconia stones covering the body of the snake that are place atop the rhodium plated band.

Rhodium Plated Jet Crystal Snake Ring

This snake ring features Austrian jet colored crystals which are place atop a Ruthenium plated band. This ring will definitely be the center of attention on an evening night out. Aside from its unique and creative design, snake rings can make your finger look leaner and sexier.

If you want to see our collection of wholesale snake ringsfeel free to visit our website. And if you’re looking for more exotic items to sell in your jewelry store, you can surely find some here at Cerijewelry. Come back for more interesting tips and featured jewelry here in our blog.