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Jewelry Photography: Background and Props Ideas

Taking quality photos can help encourage people to make a purchase in your jewelry store but making your shots more creative and unique can help build stronger brand image and recall. With a reliable camera, good lighting, some post editing software and a lot of creative juices, you can surely create photos that can make your product stand out in online market.

Coming up with fun and engaging photographs is a little challenging but rewarding. Share worthy photos can reach wider audience and can effectively bring customers to your online store in a shorter period of time. So if you want to be really successful in selling wholesale fashion jewelry, you must learn to use different props and background to create a stunning photo that can help you sell fashion jewelry online.

Seasonal Jewelry

Some accessories are best presented by using items that symbolizes the on going season. You can use sea shells, sand, leaves and stones to create a set that will make your photographs more alive and appealing. When it comes to picking the props to use for your jewelry photography, you must use color that complements your products most. Choose props that can make your product stand out and can highlight the details of your jewelry more effectively.

Dressy Jewelry

For evening jewelry or cocktail jewelry, you can use different kinds of flowers especially roses to create an elegant look. You can also use different kind of cloth to add texture to your photography. Red linen cloth can help silver dangling earrings and necklaces stand out even better while white cloth can add class to engagement ring and wedding ring sets.

Creative Shots

If you want to come up with out of the box photos, you can be more imaginative when it comes to your props and backgrounds. You can use stones, saucers, tea cups, maps, musical sheets, or feathers to add more character to your jewelry. With these props, you are sure to create photos that are not just visually engaging but interesting as well.

The goal is always to bring out the best in your fashion jewelry. So no matter what props you use to feature your wholesale jewelry, your props should always complement and not compete with your items. Keep on experimenting and trying different shots. Sooner or later you will surely be able to take photos that can bring you more sales and make your online store more popular.