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The Pros and Cons of Pave Rings

Ladies are raving about this kind of beautiful ring encrusted with tiny pieces of gemstones. It is the perfect ring that spells brilliance and extravagance. The little stones scattered around the ring sweetly paved the way for the sparkling gem in the middle creating an eye candy that will please any bride to be.


But pave ring has its own beauty and flaws. The sooner you understand it the more you’ll be able to appreciate its beauty and enjoy its sparkle for a longer period of time. Choosing to have a pave ring depends on a personal choice but before you pick up a micro pave ring, read this quick list of pros and cons of this beautiful ring.


Pave rings are stunning and can definitely impress any woman who loves expensive-looking wholesale jewelry. It creates a stunning detail that adds elegance to any kind of engagement ring. The ring itself beautifully shines because of the small diamonds encrusted around the metal parts of the ring. Aside from that, its delicate look can make any woman feel like a real royalty. 

If you want to give your fiancee a ring that will show how much you love and cherish your partner, this ring can do all of that and more.



The small stones surrounding the ring make a stunning jewelry, however, the small gemstones look so delicate and sensitive to bump and grind. Low quality pave rings may not hold these stones for a long period of time causing some of the stones to fall off easily. If also you have an active lifestyle, wearing this ring everyday may be a bad idea. Try to remove it if you’re going to engage in sports and other physical activity to maintain its luster and beauty. Dust and dirt can affect the quality of this ring so make sure to have it cleaned and repaired by expert jeweler regularly.


Pave rings are also said to be more expensive than other non pave rings so make sure that you really want it before making a purchase. Now that you know the pros and cons of  this beautiful pave ring, you can start shopping online for more wholesale fashion jewelry.