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Start Building Your Jewelry Collection with These Simple Tips

At some point, fashion jewelry becomes more than an accessory. It becomes a part of your personal history, filled with wonderful memories, a remembrance from a loved one or a symbol of a milestone. More than the sparkles and the diamonds, you will start to see its value as a part of your life, your story and adventure.

Maybe you still keep the first fashion jewelry you purchased after your first pay, or that silver bracelet your husband gave you on your first your anniversary together with the countless gifts you received through the years. As your fashion jewelry pieces grew in numbers and as it occupy a big part of your closet drawer, maybe it’s time to seriously get your wholesale fashion jewelryorganized. If you’re wondering how you can start your personal jewelry collection, here are some tips you can follow.

Keep Things Organized

The first step in enhancing your jewelry collection is getting everything organized. Create an inventory of the pieces you own and the items you want to add in your collection. To keep track of your collection, it’s nice to keep a record of the date you purchase your precious items along with a short description about its materials and the memories that go with it. If it is given by a friend or passed down from generations include a short story about the piece and its previous owners.

Get a Reliable Collection Storage

Invest in high quality jewelry box or a personalized jewelry cabinet that can keep your jewelry collection safe and organized. You can device a way to keep track of each piece to avoid losing jewelry as much as possible. Put the high prized items in a safe or a more secured place inside your room.

Invest in high quality jewelry

High quality jewelry will last more than other cheaper items in your jewelry box. The clasps, the setting as well as the gemstones will most probably stay in place if you own high quality jewelry. Low quality yet affordable wholesale jewelry will cost you more in repair, maintenance, and replacement in the long run and will not make a good investment for your collection.

Check Internet for Discount Promos and Deals 

If you want to invest in high priced jewelry items but don’t have the money to purchase it, you can always look at the internet for discount sales and deals. This way, you can still purchase your dream fashion ring without having to spend a fortune.

Lastly, the secret to having a successful jewelry collection is getting the most out of every trip or events so you can score a rare item or expensive jewelry in the places you visit. Share your story through your fashion jewelry collection!