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Spring-Summer 2010 Wholesale Jewelry Colors

Soon, the frost will be melting and the golden rays of sunshine will be peeking over the horizon. What does this mean for fashionistas andwholesale jewelry retailers? It means that it’s time to amp up the wardrobe and look diva-licious this spring with the latest color trends in wholesale jewelry!
Pantone, the global authority on color for the design industries, has spoken. Below are the colors that are sure to be a big hit next season.
Turquoise –As the color of the year for 2010, donning onturquoise wholesale jewelry will surely add a splash of vibrant color in any ensemble. For an added sparkle, go for sea blue CZ wholesale jewelry or aquamarine wholesale CZ jewelry. 
Amparo Blue– Reminiscent of the blue ocean at the beach, a sapphire CZ wholesale jewelry or blue zircon CZ jewelry comes closest to this dashing shade of blue.
Tomato Puree – Exude wildness, boldness and beauty withruby wholesale jewelry. Sporting this hot spring color will definitely make any woman ready for some springtime fun. 
Violet – Be sweet and girly like the beautiful flowers of spring. Wearing amethyst cubic zirconia jewelry exudes a romantic vibe, all set for some springtime lovin’.
Aurora – Give everyone a radiant smile with this cheery yellow hue. In jewelry speak,topaz wholesale jewelry or canary CZ wholesale jewelry come to mind.
Dried Herb – A stunning shade of green, the regal emerald CZ wholesale jewelry and peridot cubic zirconia jewelry come closest to this hue.
Fusion Coral – An appealing color with a dash of orange, champagne CZ wholesale jewelry falls under this gorgeous hue.
Pink Champagne, Tuscany, and Eucalyptus – the spring’s color spectrum will never be complete without neutrals. In hues of browns, beige and ivory, this is where classicpearl wholesale jewelry comes into play.
By focusing your attention on the must-have colors of next season, fashion mavens and wholesale jewelry resellers will surely be ready to take on the fashion scene with a bang!