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Wholesale Jewelry Isn't just for Women - Wholesale Rings for Men

Jewelry store owners know that women are not their only valuable customers, as men are equally in love with jewelry. This is an important factor wholesale jewelry owners should remember. With handsome wholesale men’s jewelry displayed in their stores, clientele won’t be restricted to women any longer. A new target market can only mean more sales for your wholesale jewelry business. And when men start to come in for their fix of fashionable men’s jewelry, here are a few tips wholesale jewelry owners can share:


One thing to remember is that wholesale men’s jewelry has an entirely different look compared to that of women’s.Wholesale men’s jewelry is bigger and bolder. They have wider bands and the mounts for the stones are more masculine. Over all, men’s jewelry looks tougher, finishing with an ultimately handsome look perfect for every man.

There are those who accessorize with a single ring, and more specifically, that ring would be a wedding ring. Because this could be the sole piece of jewelry that a man would accessorize with, it’s important that the wedding band show the world exactly who he is. Unlike with women who opt for solitaire wholesale wedding bands, most men would prefer wholesale wedding bands that have smaller stones.
While men are often wear just their wedding bands, they accessorize in different men’s jewelry too. Some men prefer wholesale jewelry with wider bands and bigger sizes. Simplicity is the key and with men’s jewelry, this isn't hard to find.

Wholesale cuff links are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Similar to that of neckties, men often pair their attire with handsome cuff links that match their long sleeves. Wholesale cufflinks often have diamonds and gemstones in it and these are perfect gifts too as they are can be given for any occasion – be it birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or special holidays.
Other wholesale jewelry pieces men accessorize with are wholesale tennis bracelets, wholesale necklaces, and wholesale sterling silver jewelry. Chunky pieces and heavier men’s jewelry are what most men prefer because they exude an air of masculinity. With a new target market to reach, wholesale jewelry businesses will have an increase in sales, clientele, and exposure.