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Top Wholesale Jewelry Picks to Celebrate the Vibrant Hues of Spring

It’s always best to coordinate with the season and this season calls for colors, colors, and more colors. Synonymous with a new beginning, the season of spring ushers in bright colors, warm hues, and cool shades. In the world of wholesale jewelry, gemstones are the perfect embellishments because they add warmth and fashion to jewelry. This year, the top wholesale jewelry picks for spring are as follows:

Wholesale earrings – Drop earrings add a touch of elegance and femininity. Wholesale retailers will find business booming when they display an extensive array of drop earrings in a variety of colors. Accordingly, earrings should look and feel light because heavy earrings are out of season. Multicolor wholesale stud earrings in cute designs are the perfect accessories because they can be paired with any outfit or ensemble.

Wholesale rings – Wholesale cocktail rings are always in season. However, they receive much favour during spring because of variety and colors. Wholesale gemstone rings that are big and bold are predicted to be the top trends this year. Synthetic stones in gold or silver metal are trendy and fashionable and because of these hues, women are free to experiment with any piece of jewelry they like.

Wholesale bracelets – This spring calls for wholesale bracelets that have simple chains and contrastingly, huge and thick cuff bangles. Gold and silver wholesale bracelets accessorized with big and black stones are very fashion forward. Additionally, wholesale jewelry retailers will find that offering a wide variety of bracelets that are light, classic, bold, and outstanding in style will be beneficial for their business. Individuals have free reign on the pieces they choose to wear because mixing different styles of bracelets are chic as well as stylish too.

Wholesale necklaces – Chunky pieces are in; definitely in. Be bold and beautiful with heavy pendants, cocktail pendants, and smaller pendants with flowers and lots of colors. Floral necklaces are ultra-chic and feminine, while long and flowing wholesale necklaces that drop just till the navel are very sexy. The keyword this spring is statement necklaces. Multi-stranded, layered, and unusual necklaces will be a huge hit this season.

Spring is typically associated with stunning and vibrant colors. It means flowers; it means chunky and big pieces. Spring is the perfect time to experiment and stand out among one’s peers. Wholesale jewelry retailers should take advantage of this season as women are more likely to play around with their jewelry pieces to look their best amidst a sea of equally fashion-savvy gals.