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Tips for Packaging Wholesale Jewelry

First impressions are strongly based on physical appearance. And this is true not only for interacting with other people, but for packaging your wholesale jewelry items as well. The way you package your products creates a perception on you as an entrepreneur and on the value of your wholesale jewelry business to your customers. Naturally, you want that perception to be good, so you can establish a solid business reputation. One highly effective way to ensure this is by putting careful thought into the packaging wholesale jewelry purchases.

Unlike face to face transactions, packaging wholesale jewelry that is purchased online can be a bit challenging. You should desire for it to be unique and creative, yet “fit for travelling”. You certainly do not want to allocate resources to creating a fancy package for a product, only for it to be damaged on the way to the customer. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. Here are some of our tips.

1. Come up with a theme or a unique identity.This can be achieved through a uniform color scheme or a logo that is always present in your packaging style. This will help you establish your business identity and help your customers remember you better.
2. Always insert a flyer. This is one way of touching base with your customers. The flyer can indicate your upcoming sales, bazaars you will be attending or new wholesale jewelry items to watch out for. Make sure it has your business name and logo in it, as well as your contact information so interested parties can get in touch with you. Do not think of this as a wasted effort, because serious wholesale jewelry retailers keep a database of information of this.

3. Add a coupon. It’s your own version of a thank you note. This can be a discount coupon on their next purchase or a free shipping coupon upon purchase of a minimum amount. Make sure the due date on the coupon is not too distant, as customers may forget about it or too short that it is impossible to use it. One week is an acceptable time frame.

4. Be creative and resourceful. Using a jewelry pouch bag is a popular way to package jewelry. For wholesale jewelry, you can separate the items in these pouch bags then pack them in boxes afterwards. You can also make your own paper boxes instead of buying pouch bags. Go online—there are many tutorial videos or articles you can refer to.

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