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Tips for Shipping Wholesale Jewelry

Shipping your products is the final step in completing an online transaction. With several shipping partner options available, sending purchased items to your customers can seem simple. The majority of the time, it actually is. However, if your product is wholesale fashion jewelry, then the process is quit different.

It is well known that wholesale jewelry is a prime target for theft and with the volumes involved in most wholesale jewelry transactions, exercising extra caution in shipping wholesale jewelry purchases is not an option. It is essential. Even if you are a novice in the business, you do not have to compromise the quality of your shipping standards.


Here are some easy tips in ensuring a smooth transition of wholesale jewelry from your stock room to your customer.

1. Invest in good mailing or shipping supplies. This includes, bubble wraps (all that travelling can “stress” your wares so keep them tight), bubble padded envelopes, high quality packaging tapes, and boxes of all sizes. In the same way that you do your business online, you may also find that it may be cheaper to purchase these supplies online especially if you buy in bulk.

2. Do not attract unwanted attention from thieves by putting your business name in the return address outside the box, especially if it includes the word “jewelry” in it. Instead, put in a business card inside the package.

3. Go online for quick and easy postage. There are websites such as, USPS.com or Stamps.com, where you can purchase and print your own postage from your computer. This will save you the trouble of going to the post office with your wholesale jewelry packages or waiting in long lines. These websites also allow you to insure your precious packages without filling out extra forms.

4. Use crumpled paper to fill out the empty spaces in your box so your wholesale jewelry pieces will stay in place. Include a business card inside, but make sure to put in a small ziplock bag so it won’t be thrown away together with the crumpled paper.

5. Do not hesitate to use Priority Mail. It’s cheaper than first-class/parcel post shipping and the post office usually provides you with free boxes for shipping.

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