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Tips On Hosting A Wholesale Fashion Jewelry House Party

One creative and affordable way to spread the word about your wholesale fashion jewelry business is to host a wholesale fashion jewelry house party. Hosting this kind of party allows you to meet prospective clients and business partners as well as to promote your products. A wholesale fashion jewelry house party is also a good way to get feedback and suggestions for your product line.


Just because you are hosting an event in your own turf does not mean that this is a no-brainer. If anything, you should be strategic about planning your party because you only get one shot at making a good first impression.

Here are some simple tips to help you host a successful wholesale fashion jewelry house party.

1. Utilize social media to invite your guests. Instead of printing an invitation and handing it to everyone, send it via e-mail or through Facebook. Upload a soft copy of your invitation and tag the invitees. Of course, if you have guests who aren’t into the whole social media scene, you can print invites for them. Make sure that your invitation matches the entire concept of your party. And don’t just invite everybody in the neighborhood because this will increase your food cost. You want like-minded people or business people who are interested in wholesale fashion jewelry.

2. If you know a start-up caterer who is also looking for exposure, partner up with them and negotiate an arrangement wherein they provide the food for your party for less (or for free, depending on your negotiation) and you provide them exposure during the party. You can also do the same for your other party needs, if applicable. The food itself need not be fancy. It can be simple hors d'oeuvre with a cocktail or a dessert bar. Just make sure to let the guests know what you are serving (mention it in the invitation) so they don’t expect anything otherwise.

3. For the decoration, utilize your kitchen supplies to create a one-of-a-kind look. Use bowls, platters and cake stands to carry flowers and jewelry.You can also go to a thrift shop or to a bulk warehouses for cheap but beautiful fabrics and decors. Make sure that your fabric complements the color of the wholesale fashion jewelry pieces that you are displaying. You can organize the items depending on which wholesale fashion jewelry collection they belong to and customize the look for each collection.

4. On the day of the party, make sure to go around and find time to mingle with all of your guests. Answer their questions and receive their feedback graciously. You can also give them souvenirs from your catalogue for goodwill. Take this opportunity to tell them about your wholesale fashion jewelry business, your products, and any promotions you plan on having.

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