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Year-Round Ideas for Displaying Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

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  • 2 min read
Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Ring
Seasonal wholesale fashion jewelry is a big market because women often shop for the latest wholesale jewelry styles according to the recent trends that are primarily based on the different seasons of the year. For example, during Christmas, festive wholesale fashion jewelry such as snowman-inspired wholesale brooches are big whereas wholesale engagement rings are often the best-selling wholesale jewelry during February and June – as an ode to Valentine’s Day and the marrying month.

Jewelry retailers and store owners often face challenges on how to display wholesale fashion jewelry on counters during these seasons. Themed holiday jewelry display counters are one such way to creatively exhibit a jewelry store’s collection of the latest styles of wholesale fashion jewelry such as wholesale bracelets, wholesale earrings, and wholesale necklaces.

For example, during Valentine’s Day, wholesale fashion jewelry can be placed on heart-shaped chocolate boxes while smaller boxes can contain matching wholesale jewelry sets. Wholesale earrings can be displayed and suspended from champagne or wine glasses. To display an entire collection of wholesale promise rings, larger boxes in red can be used.

On Easter, colors are the best way to go. Place jellybeans and other traditional candies beside wholesale fashion jewelry placed conveniently inside Easter eggs. Flowers are also perfect accessories on jewelry counters during this time of year because they add happiness and color to wholesale fashion jewelry displayed.

Two Tone Black CZ Cocktail Ring
For Halloween, where goth is the main theme, wholesale costume jewelry is the most-valued. Display Goth-inspired wholesale jewelry pieces such as wholesale rings embellished with jet black cubic zirconia stones or wholesale earrings with bloody red Austrian Crystals. A piece of cheesecloth over a metal rack can easily be used to imitate spider webs where other wholesale fashion jewelry can be displayed. Plastic skeletons can also be used to display wholesale animal-inspired rings and gift bags can be switched to small, plastic jack-o-lanterns.

During the last and probably most favorite holiday of the year, which is the Christmas season, wholesale fashion jewelry can be displayed using Christmas trees. Wholesale earrings, wholesale bracelets, and wholesale necklaces can be the perfect ornaments instead of the more traditional ones. For last minute purchases, small and inexpensive wholesale fashion jewelry can be placed near the register.

Maximizing the seasons to display wholesale fashion jewelry is one of the most creative things a jewelry store can do. This will attract more consumers and consequently, increase sales.