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Transition Your Outfit from Summer to Fall With These Jewelry Wearing Tips

No matter how much you enjoy wearing those colorful and playful summer pieces, you now have to start transitioning your wardrobe into the new season. Although it’s hard to think of fall when you’re still enjoying the beach, it’s extremely essential to start moving your clothes down to your accessories and make it ready for the new style trends that will dominate the fall fashion.
Outfit from Summer to Fall With These Jewelry Wearing Tips When transitioning from short shorts and sleeveless tops to leggings and sweatshirts, having the right accessories can help pull off styling tricks that can make you look great in between seasons. Instead of buying new fall clothes, why not just look for your outfit from last year and spice it up with trendy fashion pieces.
Here are some wholesale jewelry pieces that you can use to help switch your look from summer to fall.

Switch Bangles to Silver Bracelets

Bangles are definitely one of the must haves during summer. It’s bold, fun and definitely stylish. But when fall season takes over, you might want to consider toning it down a little by wearing something simpler like silver bracelets. Keep it stylish by layering your silver chain necklace with platinum plated bangles. Highlight your bracelets by wearing three quarter sleeve blazer together with your favorite office dress or jeans for a more casual look.

Use warmer colors like burgundy, plum

Knowing what color of jewelry to wear with your transition outfit can make dressing up a lot easier. For a foolproof look, go for fashion jewelry in warmer colors like burgundy, plum, navy blue or chocolate brown. This way, you can still wear statement rings and earrings without overdoing your outfit.

Gold works well with leather

Leather is a fashion staple during fall – from leather jackets to boots and bags, you can find a lot of ways to incorporate this luxurious material in your transition outfit. When it comes to accessorizing with leather, wearing gold will never fail you. Layer gold necklaces under a leather jacket or stack a layer of bracelets to keep your outfit fun and exciting even during fall. You can also try wearing different gold fashion rings in floral or animal design for more fashion forward look.
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