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A Wholesalers Checklist for Becoming Retail Ready

Selling wholesale jewelry to retailers is a profitable business venture, especially if you know how to market your products the right way. Whether you decide to sell to startup businesses or to different large boutiques in your area, you can surely find a way to establish your name as a jewelry wholesaler.
A Wholesalers Checklist for Becoming Retail Ready
Being a supplier of jewelry to retail stores is very different from selling directly to shoppers on a boutique or craft fairs. Although both require a lot of hard work and careful planning, selling to retailers means you have to be more mindful of the quality of the product you are offering so you can convince the retailers to include your items on their product list. Understanding your client’s needs and goals is also extremely important in establishing yourself as a good business partner and that you can be a trustworthy third party in their jewelry business.
If you’re looking for ways to expand your wholesale business or thinking of getting your hands on being a wholesale, here is a quick checklist to help you become successful in selling to retailers.

1. Prepare your marketing tools

To earn the confidence of your prospective customer, you have to establish the quality of your work through the way you present your brand. Make sure that you have all the necessary tools you will need in case a client asks for a product presentation.
Always make sure to have at least two pieces of various designs and styles of your product so you can present it when opportunity arises. Also keep a brochure or leaflet handy and hand it out to your prospect to give them reference about your products.

2. Reach out to retailers

When you decide to sell wholesale, you have to have a strategy how you can find quality leads. Going from store to store and asking them personally can be an effective strategy although time consuming and expensive. Doing a “cold-call” is an old-fashioned yet still an efficient way to reach retailers around your area, but if you have social media pages, you can also use it to reach a wider audience.
Joining trade shows and other events may also lead you to retailers who might be interested in having you as their business partner.

3. Get to know your buyer

Jewelry business nowadays is more niche targeted this is why finding the right jewelry store who sells the particular kind of jewelry you are selling is very important even before presenting your products. If you’re selling whole cubic zirconia rings or stainless steel rings, you may want to look for those who are selling jewelry affordable jewelry for everyday wear.

4. Offer support to retailers

For retailers, it is important for them to find a wholesale who can deliver items on time and in good condition. They also rely on wholesalers who have sound marketing strategies when it comes to selling their items to customers. If you want to establish your name as in wholesale industry, you have to develop a way how you can safely ship bulk orders while maintaining their quality.
Pitching in effective marketing tools to help the retailers sell your products is also valuable to your buyers. Advise them on how they can display their items and what promotional activities they can do to attract more buyers.