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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Business Tips: Know What Your Customers Want

Running a successful wholesale fashion jewelry business is not just about marketing and advertising your products. Like any successful business, it is also largely about establishing rapport with your customers. How do you this when you are in the business of selling wholesale fashion jewelry?

Image Credit: Beatrice Murch

Simple. Know what your customers want. Knowing what your market wants allows you as an entrepreneur to invest in products that are profitable. It also helps you strengthen your niche in the business. In knowing what your customers want, first you have to identify your target market. Who are you selling to? Once you have pinpointed your customer base, create a profile. Identify key factors such as buying power and preferences. From here on, there are many ways to determine which wholesale fashion jewelry items your customers truly want.

One of the ways to do this is by looking at trends. Naturally, customers look to trends to help them decide their fashion choices. So you as a businessman should also do the same. Aside from looking at magazines and browsing through the Internet, you can attend fairs and seminars to help you, not just pinpoint the trend, but predict it even. Another way to get into your customers’ minds is to open the lines of communication. Come up with surveys, feedback forms and create an online forum where you can interact with customers. You can also hold regular meet up parties and gatherings so you can have the chance to talk to your customers in depth.

Aside from knowing what they want, you can also boost the sales of your wholesale fashion jewelry business by creating what they want. One way to influence their preferences is to create a special line of wholesale fashion jewelry that fulfills a particular fashion jewelry niche. For example, come up with a special line of wholesale animal-inspired fashion jewelry designs especially for animal loving customers. In this way, you are giving them one option that you are ready to provide.

Knowing what your customers want is all about intuition, creativity and research. When in doubt, remember to think like a customer.