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Wholesale Jewelry Styling: Top 5 Styles in Wholesale Cocktail Rings

When it comes to wholesale fashion jewelry, nothing beats the best-selling wholesale cocktail rings. Wholesale cocktail rings are no longer worn for informal events such as college parties or night clubs anymore. More and more women appreciate the style and fashion wholesale cocktail rings offer and even wear these large chunky jewelry pieces to formal events and galas. Wholesale cocktail rings are favorite accessories of many teenage girls who like wearing them to school to express their personalities.

While there are certainly a lot of wholesale cocktail rings to choose from, here are the Top 5 styles for everyone to invest in:

1. Gemstone 


Wholesale gemstone rings are such a delight because they are often embellished with cubic zirconia or precious Premium Austrian crystals in different colors. Finished in either gold tone or sterling silver, wholesale gemstone rings also symbolize birthstones which are perfect for those who believe in the power these stones bring.

2. Floral 


Wholesale cocktail rings with floral centerpieces are ultra-chic and feminine. These wholesale fashion jewelry pieces are perfect for both the young and young-at-heart. Wholesale cocktail rings with large floral centerpieces are especially valuable if they are multicolor or depict the most favorite flower that women love – roses.

3. Estate 


Estate or wholesale antique jewelry are the top choices for those who are into vintage fashion. They are especially well-loved by fashion jewelry lovers who prefer aged jewelry because of their durability, unique flair, and timeless elegance. Additionally, wholesale antique jewelry adds a look of sophistication and elegance to anyone who wears it so what’s not to love about it?

4. Abstract Rings


Fourth in our list of Top 5 styles in wholesale cocktail rings are those that depict no particular style or image. These types of wholesale jewelry are perfect for those in the arts who crave individuality and expression. Wholesale cocktail rings with abstract fashion are often eye-catching, unique, and interesting, giving its owner an image of peculiarity and bizarreness.

5. Novelty Rings


Novelty cocktail rings often have animal, insect, or object shapes that can really bring out the personality of its owner. Aside from animal-inspired jewelry, other styles include fairies, shoes, and stars, just to name a few. Not only does it reflect the personality of its owner, but wholesale novelty cocktail rings are also more personal, guided by the interests of the buyer.

Retailers can prove that wholesale cocktail rings are one of its best-selling wholesale jewelry styles which are why designers and individuals spend so much time creating new styles for women. At CERIJewelry.com, the latest and hottest wholesale jewelry such as wholesale cocktail rings are always available at competitive prices.