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Wholesale Jewelry Business Tips: Using Gift Certificates to Boost Your Sales

Did you know that you can easily lose a potential sale due to indecision? Buying jewelry to give as a gift is a popular motivation for customers, but it can also be a tricky decision to make. Some customers tend to be unsure about choosing a piece of jewelry for another person and in this moment of hesitation, you, as a wholesale jewelry entrepreneur, could lose a sale. What can you do to deal with this kind of situation? Sell gift certificates. Gift certificates are ideal for customers who cannot decide what to buy, but are sure they want something. It ensures that you do not lose a sale due to indecision. Another advantage of using gift certificates for your wholesale jewelry business is that you are able to sell in bulk to customers who are buying jewelry in large quantities to give away. An example of this would be companies buying for their employees or to distribute as tokens. Coming up with your own gift certificates is relatively easy but it can be a little complicated, especially if you have just started up your wholesale jewelry business. Here are some tips for successfully using gift certificates to boost your wholesale jewelry sales.
1. Make it look professional. Don’t just print the words. Take time to lay it out and do not forget to incorporate your business identity. Make sure there is a logo that cannot be copied or reproduced. Invest in specialty printing if you have to. And of course, do not forget the vital details that should be in your gift certificate—a “To” line, a “From” line, an “Amount” line for the value of the certificate, your contact information, a serial number for you so you can track your sales, and the limitations of the certificate.

2. A gift certificate may be a good starting point to promote newly arrived wholesale jewelry items. Use carefully selected and expertly taken pictures and show them items that can be bought with the amount on the certificate. Once your customers are ready to redeem the certificate, entice them with items that match the pieces they bought with the gift certificate.

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