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Experts Predict Miniature Wholesale Jewelry to be Big in 2011

With the recent years focusing on big and chunky wholesale jewelry pieces such as multi-layered wholesale necklaces, gigantic wholesale gemstones, and bold wholesale pendants, 2011 is the year wholesale jewelry experts predict that tiny and miniature wholesale jewelry items will become the next fashion craze.

According to Retail Jeweller, tiny charms and miniature wholesale jewelry pieces are among the biggest trends this 2011. This could be a sign that retailers and consumers are scaling back, not only in outlandish wholesale jewelry but in prices as well. Expect women to sport single, distinctive charms hanging from a wholesale necklace or wholesale bracelet instead of the usual garish and indistinguishable charms.

Other experts, on the other hand, believe that the shift towards cute and adorable wholesale jewelry has something to do with the elegance of simplicity and balance. Feminimalism, or "feminine minimalism," is what 2011 is all about, according to some. Feminimalism is a very gracious and womanly way of embracing austerity. Most women cannot help but coo in response to anything tiny, small, and cute.
For example, a clean open neckline can be accessorized with a small wholesale jewelry charm that can double as a statement piece. Anything dangling against the canvas of skin becomes eye-catching, maximize the point of attraction by wearing unique wholesale pendants such as a solitaire clear CZ pendant or wholesale gemstone pendants in siam, topaz, aquamarine, and other shades.
While wholesale cocktail rings draws the alluring kind of attention due to their striking designs, women can still accessorize for evening parties with cocktail rings that are miniature in style. Stick with animal-inspired wholesale cocktail rings or wholesale rings embellished with dangling hearts or bows.

Keeping things fresh means after witnessing the dominance of big wholesale necklaces in recent years, it’s now time to see more small objects – cute wholesale jewelry necklaces adorned with tiny charms, crystal drops, butterflies, and single beads or gems. Tiny things are adorable and no one can say no to charming wholesale jewelry pieces that are miniature in size but big on details.